jeudi 7 février 2019

Giveaway Alert: Win 1 year of Skillshare Premium Membership

Hi everyone! I have a great news for you! 
I’ve just published my “Make Cheese at home: 
from ancestral Ossetian Recipe to its Modern Use” 
Class and am happy to announce that I have a big 
surprise for you.

Not only you’ll find out everything on this easy ancestral recipe 
and its modern use (everyone is welcome, beginner or experienced) 
but by watching my new class you’ll also enter a competition 
to WIN 1 year of Skillshare Premium Membership 
which will give you an unlimited access to all the classes
 of the site (25000) including mine (21) .

Interested? It’s easy to do:
  1. Follow me on Instagram @naturofils
  2. Enroll in my class as Free member following this free 
    access link (places are limited) and watch the class by the end 
    (I can see minutes watched in the class every day).
  3. Tell me you have done leaving a comment in the discussion 
    thread of the class.
  4. You can also enroll following a free Premium link 
    (2 months of Premium for free, 
    no commitments, you can cancel anytime)
  5. The existing Free or Premium members are also 
    eligible and can participate.
  6. This giveaway stops on February, 12 at 11:59 pm Paris time
  7. The winner will be chosen at random the 
    next day and will be asked 
    to communicate me her (his) name and link to 
    Skillshare profile by dm before February, 15

jeudi 13 décembre 2018

Permanent Special Offer : up to 4 of my crochet and knitting patterns for free

I decided to create a permanent offer that permit you to get up to 4 of my patterns for free. That means you can choose any pattern you want! And it is not all: this offer gives you the possibility to access more than 24000 craft and other (art, photography, marketing, culinary, technology...) classes for free during 2 months. 

Get 2 patterns of your choice for free (to choose from my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop)

Conditions :

  1. Sign up for a 2-month Skillshare Premium Free Trial* through this link :
  1. Contact me (on Ravelry, Etsy, Instagram…) saying you did and giving me your Skillshare name, I'll check the information and send you a coupon code to download the chosen patterns for free from my Ravelry store. Enjoy your membership and start learning by watching my classes and all the classes of your choice.
  2. You can get 2 more free patterns by watching all my classes.
    Conditions :
    -Watch all my classes (19 at the moment) till the end.
    -For each class give me the date when you watched it in order to let me verify the minutes watched in it this day. Play fair game : I only can see the names of the students enrolled in each of my classes and the total amount of minutes watched in it. Once I checked all these points, I'll send you 2 more coupon codes to download the chosen patterns.

*About your Skillshare Premium Membership Trial :

It will give you an unlimited access to all my classes (craft, culinary, language) and to all the classes of the site (more than 24000 and it constantly grows).
No commitments, you can cancel anytime. If you don't want to continue, cancel before the 2-month trial expires and you won't be charged. You can continue as Free member and access all the free classes of the site. If you save all the classes you watch while Premium, you will still access them as Free member.
You can also become a Skillshare Teacher creating and publishing your own class whether you are a Free or a Premium member. Send me your email and I'll refer you. If you teach a class within 30 days, you'll get a 50$ bonus. For more information see:

Find me on Etsy :
on Ravelry :
in Happily Hooked Magazine :
video tutorials on Skillshare :
Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (Naturofils).

lundi 22 octobre 2018

Quand 'L'interdit" devient permis

J'ai eu la chance de tester le parfum "L'interdit" de Givenchy en avant-première.

Je suis tombée sous le charme de la campagne publicitaire, de l'idée, du jeu de contrastes, de son histoire que tout le monde connaît. J'ai donc décidé de tenter l'aventure. Très inspirée, j'ai été choisie mais le moment venu, on a tous les doutes... Je me suis demandée si ce parfum était vraiment fait pour moi, s'il allait me plaire mais rien qu'en ouvrant le pack d'échantillons, j'ai compris qu'il allait me séduire.
Oser l'interdit, briser l'interdit, se libérer et franchir les limites conventionnelles - je sentait que ça allait être un parfum pas comme les autres. Il était avant-gardiste, il le reste mais il devient moderne, intemporel.
Tout commence par la boîte en noir et blanc, sobre et classe en même temps, le rouge qui apparaît en l'ouvrant nous séduit encore davantage. La signature du Maître, le logo de la marque... Tous ces petits détails jouent leur rôle. Le flacon épuré continue cette simplicité pleine de glamour et, enfin, à l'ouverture ce parfum ouvre toute sa magie: toutes les promesses de contrastes sont tenues une fois de plus, côté sombre et claire, blanc et noir, le tout pour nous enivrer, envoûter par cette magie changeante. Narcotique, il l'est! car on ne veut plus s'en séparer.

Avant même de l'ouvrir j'ai voulu jouer le jeu. C'était venu comme ça, naturellement, instinctivement et j'ai construit ce barrage d'échantillons pour briser l'interdit.

Un petit échantillon reste toujours sur ma table basse, donc tout le monde qui vient le voit et n'a qu'à tester.

Et vous, allez-vous oser l'Interdit?

mercredi 15 août 2018

Crochet Broomstick Granny Square

I'm not a fan of granny squares even if I've already done things using them, as a mini handbag, for example. You can love them or not but you can't deny it's such a clever and simple creation giving infinite possibilities.
This year we are celebrating it for the 5th time with @simplycrochetmag and thanks to @suregal27. 
Often considered as old-fashioned (even by its name) it survives and even stars on podiums. How many beautiful granny garments from slippers to jackets, dresses and coats I've already seen, how many accessories and home decor pieces like bags, bracelets, lampshades, blankets!.. With today's beautiful yarns and multiple shades even a traditional granny square becomes a masterpiece but it doesn't stop here. Talented designers create incredible squares with flowers, peacock feathers and even complicated compositions - real small crochet paintings. Knitted grannies also exist now. 
Today I want to celebrate this day with you, all my crochet friends and communities I like. It's been a long time I wanted to create something unusual playing with Peruvian broomstick and several days ago I don't know how and why decided to create a granny square transforming this stitch. I needed craft as therapy and I want to share the result with you. Those who want can download it from my Ravelry store for free today and I ask you to share if you find it interesting. It exists in 1 and 2-colour version. Happy#grannysquareday2018 to all of you!

Here is the back side of my broomstick granny squares defined by me but you can choose it as right side  because it's reversible. Do you see the difference? Tell me which one you prefer.


vendredi 9 mars 2018

Natural Eggs Dyeing with Onion Skins for Easter

Easter is coming and I decided to share with you one of my spring classes on Skillshare to celebrate it.
In this class I show you how to dye eggs for Easter using onion skins. It's an easy way to obtain beautiful colorful eggs without spending money and with somthing everyone can have at home. You'll learn how to make different beautiful prints on the eggs and I'll give you many other useful tips! You can obtain different shades and it's 100% natural! 
It's also an amazing activity for children and they will be happy to help you!

Ready to join me in this class?
No worry, you still have time to collect some onion skins!
By following this link you'll get an unlimited access to this class, all my classes and all the classes of the site during 2 months for free!

Happy Easter and Happy Learning!

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

My Crochet Christmas

This year I created some new crochet designs for Christmas and I'm very happy with the result. As usual, I created patterns to let you crochet them if you wanted. Some of them are available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. You can find the others in the December issues of Pattern Pack Pro and Happily Hooked Magazine. First of all, I want to present you my new Christmas Tree:

I already have a Crochet Christmas Tree pattern in my shops and it is really a real star: this pattern is downloaded all the year long. This time I wanted to create a furry one and it is very cute too. It's a real pleasure to have unique Christmas Tree at home, something that no one has and everyone admires. It's fantastic to imagine it and make your dream come true. I share it with you and even give you advice on how to create your own, different Christmas Trees in my pattern.

If you are looking for new ornaments for your Christmas Tree, you'll find many beautiful ideas in this month's Pattern Pack Pro Issue #39 Ornaments. Click here and get a 20% discount on your monthly or yearly subscription. My Christmas Ball is even on this issue's cover:

In addition to this, you'll find other decoration ideas in this 4 in 1 pattern, also available in my Etsy shop (see above):

Don't forget to check out my previous years Christmas crochet and knit patterns and not only. Why not my realistic flowers?

Last thing: if you are looking for the last minute gifts ideas, the new issue of the Happily Hooked Magazine is coming soon and this is it's theme and I even give you a sneak peek of my design you'll find in it:

Enjoy your Christmas crocheting!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  to you and your families!

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

My Happily Hooked Maple Leaf

Autumn is not really my favourite season, it's the beginning of a kind of hibernation for me. I don't like cold periods of the year and it also when the nature starts to die. That's why I'm feeling a little bit sad at this moment. But it will reborn in spring and every season has its beauty, especially autumn which is particularly colourful and picturesque. And this autumn brings me joyful mood because one of my newest crochet designs has just been published in the September Issue (#42) of the Happily Hooked Magazine

What can symbolize autumn better than a falling leaf? And as the theme of this issue is Colors of Autumn, I created a Maple Leaf and shared all the stages of its making of in the magazine.

Following my tutorial you can create your own maple leaf and even any other leaf you like or find outside or in your garden, immortalize the beauty of this season, its colours. You can choose any yarn or thread of the desired colours. Mine was made with simple Zeeman cotton and polyester Sissy Sport threads of the terracotta shades.

The real item is on sale in my Etsy shop and the pattern can be found in Happily Hooked Magazine #42 following the link given above.
I hope you'll enjoy crocheting this leaf. You'll also find many other beautiful makes and interesting articles in this issue.

Enjoy the process of creation and the beauty of this autumn!